High-speed rolling, fold-up pack and self-repairing doors

The high-speed PVC flexible doors of the RAPIDLINE line are designed for intensive use. They adapt to every size and type of application for each industrial sector  ››  

High-speed doors are identified as particularly useful industrial doors in many areas where there is a high traffic flow of people and vehicles. Ideal for creating compartments between departments, they are fast, reliable and robust. Made to measure, due to their manufacturing characteristics they are suitable to operate even in environments that are aggressive or subject to high wind loads.

The following high-speed door models are part of the RAPIDLINE line:

IM 900

High-speed fold-up pack door

AV 600

High-speed rolling door

AR 600

Self-repairing high-speed rolling door


High-speed door with resistance to wind load Class 5

AR 300

Self-repairing door


High-speed door and folding door; one solution


High-speed doors for the food industry


High-speed doors for waste recycling centres


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